to love a player

Romance, Christian Books, Children's Books

By Gjoe Uzor

Publisher : Educational/Biblio publishing

to love a player

ABOUT Gjoe Uzor

gjoe uzor
My name is gjoe uzor i am a counsellor, i study history and in university. i counsel young adult and teenage. I have been a writter since when i was a teenager i love writing love poems,children stories and this is my first book ever. I am love with romance fictions and i love to read More...



She nodded, a smile twitched at the corner of her lips. I pulled her a little closer to me, looking deeper in her eyes. The connection was so strong; it was like time was standing still. Absentmindedly, I brushed a strand of hair off her face, bending low and hovering over her lips. I just wanted to brush my lips across hers, just once. I looked in her eyes for permission, something I never do. Usually I didn't have to ask, but this was different, I wanted her permission, I was begging for it. I almost closed the gap when her lips brushed ever so slightly against mine, sending shivers through my body, as she asked, "Um Callen? What are you doing?"

I stepped back, looking at her confused. What was wrong with me? Wincing, I closed my eyes and apologized, "I'm sorry; I don't know what that was all about."

Callen is a handsome guy that gets all that he wants from ladies. But when he sees Mollie for the first time, he knows that his life is about to change. Callen must find a way to leave his past behind to be with Mollie, the perfect girl for him.(less)

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