"The first children's book about Steve Jobs"

The first children's book about Steve Jobs

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Sanjay Sharma
A good man. A bad man. They both turn up in a fragile soapy sphere. Oh, they must be trapped, but are they really?



Visionary Kids

The goal of the Visionary Kids series is to expose children to the inspirational stories about some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and innovators. The first book in the series will be an unauthorized biography that follows the life of Steve Jobs, from his adoption at an early age, to dropping out of school and building a world-changing technology out of his garage. 

The Story

Baby boy Steve was born in San Francisco. Shortly after his birth he was adopted by two loving parents, and they moved to Mountain View, California. He grows up with a hunger to learn, play, and invent. With the help of his father he takes on a hobby of playing with gadgets and fixing broken toys. This colorfully illustrated rhyming book takes you along Steve’s journey through life and sheds light on the internal struggles he faced. Little readers get a glimpse of how he became a successful entrepreneur, and, more importantly, they learn that with dedication, drive, and the support of friends anything is possible. 

To more info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/67169138/visionary-kids-steve-jobs

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