ABOUT Vincent Gilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry
I am an Australian and the author of five books which may seem as if they are simple adventures on the surface, but they are not. They are riddled with humour, fun, fascination and intrigue and who knows what else. The world has changed and it is really is time for people to step up an More...



The crew of an alien space craft heading for modern day Earth end up in the year 50,000 BC. They have no choice but to make an unplanned landing in Lemuria, two weeks before it is destroyed by an earthquake. 

They are not your typical aliens but Yumi Masters from a galaxy on the outer perimeter of Alpha Centauri. Their arrival in Lemuria is no accident, there's a secret agenda hovering in the background, but they are not aware of that. They are under the impression that their problem is due to a technical malfunction.

They are accompanied on this journey by a young woman from 20th century Earth, a student of archaeology with a particular interest in Lemuria. For Elisabeth Trundle, the opportunity to travel back in time is one that she cannot refuse.

In an effort to blend in, they disguise themselves as locals, but on their first day on the road, they encounter a trainee priest from the Temple City of Lemuria, a seven year old boy who has been accused of stealing the key to the Sanctuary of Fire, a key which is essential to recalibrate the Solaris crystal, the source of all power in Lemuria.

A simple exploratory expedition turns into an odyssey to save the life of Jatoo, two weeks before Lemuria disappears off the face of the Earth. They become embroiled in a war for independence supporting the rebel army against the High Priest of the Temple.

Addric Sharano and his resourceful friends must find and return the key to the Sanctuary of Fire before Lemuria disappears into the depths of the ocean. Jatoo’s life rests in their hands. They have no choice but to succeed.