ABOUT Sentu Taylor

Sentu Taylor
I am a big fan of anything gory with a dark humor, and prose dialogue. I have always liked vampire stories, but never found a good book that relates to urban black America. I started researching various obscure African originated myths, and inspired by them, day dreamed this tale into More...



With no father and a crack junkie for a mother,Tacoma and his sister Seattle have always relied on each other to survive the gang and drug infested streets of East Oakland, California. On one fateful afternoon their lives change forever when Tacoma's best friend Raider forgets to pick Seattle up from school. She never made it home.Raider, feeling guilty for Seattle's disappearance, offers to help. A very unusual kind of help.He had found his grandmother's secret Santeria book, with spells that can turn them into non-human creatures; VAMPIRES.