The Carpenter #1 in the Blue Collar Assassins Series by Max Myllan

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Max Myllan

Publisher : Christopher Matthews Publishing

ABOUT Max Myllan

Max Myllan
Max Myllan is a full time author living in Palm Coast, Florida.  In his past he raced cars, built several businesses, practiced martial arts, held insurance and financial services licenses and was an arbitrator, negotiator and mediator. Hailing from a small blue collar Pennsylvania town  More...


When Eric James Donovan, a carpenter by trade and former black ops squad leader, distraught from the ravages of the Great Recession, is offered a Faustian bargain, he discovers “anyone will do anything if they are tempted enough or desperate enough.” Eric accepts the deal from a dark figure calling himself a mediator and plans an assassination of a powerful real estate scammer and billionaire. Eric has never failed in any of his missions for his country. His weapon of choice is a powerful neurotoxin, TTX. Eric violates his principles and risks everything to carry out the assignment.
After an introduction to a seductive criminal defense attorney involved in bi sexual encounters, murder for profit and underworld clientele, Eric has moments of despair and seeks out counseling by the family priest. Father Tom, a retread with a surreptitious past, knows Eric better than his own father and guides Eric in a disturbing manner for a Father Confessor.
Everything falls into place for Eric to have the opportunity to complete his project. As you learn about Eric and his plight from dealing with death to financial ruin, you sense righteousness. He reluctantly exchanges his convictions for new pleasures.
When informed by the mediator, “Nothing is ever as it seems, nor is it otherwise” we are exposed to the twists, turns and unexpected connections of all of the characters in this dark and edgy tale.

This is the first book in The Blue Collar Assassin Series.

What would you do if you lost everything you own and everyone you love? Many did in the Great Recession as the housing industry collapsed. One man, down and out, saw his fine furniture business destroyed, lost his loves and family and had nothing to live for. Yet he persevered and received a Faustian bargain that would change his life. All he had to do was assassinate a powerful billionaire real estate scammer responsible for financial ruins in America. Would you take the offer? Eric Donovan, a blue collar carpenter with exceptional black ops skills, accepts the offer to turn his decimated life around and become the first Blue Collar Assassin. Take a journey with a deeply spiritual man who faces his demons and wins one for the little guys against the most corrupt financial and political figures of our time.

Max Myllan's, The Carpenter, shows the intricate artistry of crisp storytelling and eloquent character development. Myllan is compelling in his authentic details where morality collide with the darkness of this world in a quest of survival, similar to how  Pat Conroy's writing explores dark emotions. KP


Wow! A lot of twists and head scratching! Good job! I didn't see the story ending that way. JS


 A good book can pull you into it's pages, it's as if you are right there in the midst of what is transpiring, a good book brings the characters to life, you walk away feeling as if you have met them personally, a good book is filled with information that educates you and a good book mesmerizes you as it's story line surprises you with twists and turns throughout. The Carpenter contains all of the above and there is no doubt about it, one day your name will be right up there among the greats: Patterson, Robb, Kellerman SP


The carpenter is a definite page-flipper. SA

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