Ziggie Tales: Ziggie's Big Adventure

Children's Books

By Kathleen Wainwright

Publisher : Willa's Tree Studios, LLC

ABOUT Kathleen Wainwright

Kathleen Wainwright
Kathleen Wainwright is a dedicated teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. She received her bachelor’s of Science degree in education from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and her master’s in education with a focus in literacy, from West Chester University,  in West Ches More...



Ziggie doesn't care for watching the kids have fun in the park from the window. He would much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine with them. One day when the front door is accidentally left open, Ziggie can't resist! He makes a run for it and the adventure really begins. But soon things change, and what he thought was going to be a great time, isn't so great after all. Ziggie is alone, and he is worried that he may never make it home. What will happen after he spends a stormy night outside?