Wild Orchid: Not for the timid

ABOUT I. St. A. Rowe

I. St. A. Rowe
Irv St. Auburn Rowe was born at home in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica in the twilight of a Friday afternoon, on April 25, 1971, to Ainsley and Carmen Rowe. He spent his formative years growing up in a tiny rural community with his grandparents, Rueben and Elsie Gibbs, after his pare More...



Go ahead and get comfortable. Kick your shoes off; put your feet up. Pour yourself a glass of chilled Moscato, lean back, and relax. Now, let’s talk. Despite the apparent provocative and risqué nature of the title, Wild Orchid: Not for the timid is really about the quest for self-actualization and the ability of the human spirit to triumph over soul-crushing adversity—and thrive. It is also about the power and unpredictability of love, the decisions we make in the name of love, and the price we pay for forbidden love. All of these themes are subtly interwoven into the less-than-perfect lives of Wild Orchid’s less-than-perfect characters, which are then sprinkled with a measured dose of sexual abandon. The story is fluid and fast-paced, as it takes you through Jessica and Terry’s meeting to their trip to Jamaica, as Terry and his partner, Pete, pursue a lead in a major homicide case. The characters are vivid and relatable and may elicit some strong emotional responses, especially if you have experienced similar circumstances in your life. Also, expect some surprises and twists. If there are any takeaways from this book, they would probably be: (1) Don’t ever give in to that deceitful impulse to end your life. However dire your circumstances may be, things can change in an instant. Never give in; there is always more purpose in living. (2) To a large extent, you have the ability to change the course of your life—at anytime—by the decisions you make. So, choose wisely. (3) Finally, as my wife often says, cheating means you are making potentially life-and-death decisions not only for yourself, but for your partner as well. So, look before you leap. Now that I have put the book in context for you, you can sit back, relax, take a sip, and dive right in. Oh, by the way, don’t get it twisted—this book will also ignite your erotic passions. Enjoy! — I. St. A. R.