A Room in the House of the Ancestors

A Room in the House of the Ancestors

ABOUT Melody Clark

Melody Clark
I've been writing professionally, off and on, for 27 years.  I'm now an indie publisher and writer.



Computer whizkid Edward’s adopted father has long told him his biological family rejected him at birth. After Edward’s brother Andrew reaches out to befriend him, the two men forge a friendship based on a shared dream – a sentient computer system that promises to greatly improve the world. When Edward arrives at the ancestral home of the family he believes abandoned him, he soon discovers that reality is very different from his adopted father’s paranoid delusion. And his family learns that Edward is far more damaged than they could ever have known.

“An allegorical tale of our times that subtly depicts America and Europe in the modern era, while masquerading as a touching and funny tale of one haunted man and his family.” Max’s Ebook Email Espresso