The Savior of Istara

ABOUT Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Hicks
One of the chosen few to be born in Alabam', Jeremy Hicks spent several years working as a field archaeologist throughout the Southeast before teaming up with his longtime friend and co-author, Barry Hayes, to realize a shared creative dream. The writing team of Hicks & Hayes created  More...


What would you do to save your homeland from foreign invaders? Would you risk your fortune, your family, and even your life to cast them back into the sea? To earn the moniker, The Savior of Istara, Tameri jeopardized all of this and more. This daughter of Breuxias risked her immortal soul.

THE SAVIOR OF ISTARA: A Tale from the Cycle of Ages Saga by Jeremy Hicks is both a quest story and a tale of revelation. Follow Tameri as she ascends as a Hero by descending nearly into the depths of the Nine Hells. THE SAVIOR OF ISTARA by Jeremy Hicks.