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Jim yackel
Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-Rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. His latest book is the suspense/thriller The Sleepwalkers was released in April 2014.  The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction The Wayfarers Complete Collection encompasses the three original books More...


What will it take to shake them awake? A diverse demographic and culture of sleepwalkers live a life of alcoholism, drug use, lotto, computer games, smartphones - and in many cases opulence and haughty self-anointing. But the single thread that ties these various demographic groups together is their ignorance to the collapsing economy and world around them. As the year 2013 winds down, there is a darkness that is sweeping America and the world, and these individuals are collectively blinded to it by self-medication and by The Powers That Be through the entertainment and mainstream news media. The darkness is as much supernatural as natural, and seemingly only a few watchmen can see it coming.

A Christian man named Jeff Seagraves toils in a busy convenience store serving those who choose to stay asleep, and while he is awake and aware those who slumber appear to enjoy a higher quality of life and a greater sense of freedom. As they wallow in the trappings of modern convenience and swallow the lies that the government and media feed them, Jeff suffers through anxiety, depression, fear and worry as he struggles to make ends meet. His faith is strong, but he is not free. Could the roots of his failure and despair be as much supernatural as natural? Could much of his malady be linked to his past?

Jeff relies on the alternative media and YouTube for his news as the mainstream does nothing but facilitate the spread of the darkness. Will he encounter someone online who has inside knowledge as to coming events that will change the world? Will there be an event that will shake the sleepwalking populace into consciousness? Will Jeff ever be delivered of his own darkness and used by God to be a source of light when seemingly all light has been extinguished?

The inspiration for The Sleepwalkers came simply from watching the world - and America primarily - its transpiring events, and its culture today. As I've seen the bloated and reckless expansion of government in America I've likewise seen a citizenry that seemingly sees not and cares not. As I've watched world leaders overthrown and significant military buildups and movements, I've also watched an American culture that is absorbed in video games that simulate such events as the players remain clueless as to the legitimate threat to their soft, suburban existences. It is a culture that knows not and cares not that the greatest threat may emanate from within. Yes, The Sleepwalkers fiction was inspired by the darkness that in my view America is being swallowed up in while its citizenry is seemingly absorbed in the process of dulling its pain. There are watchmen at the wall and they are issuing warnings through alternative media sources, but who is listening? As the society has for the greatest part turned from God, how will it be saved? There is a darkness creeping and it is as much supernatural as natural, but there is a hope and a deliverance. The nation is in danger but there is a fortress and a strong tower for which to shield us. We merely need to open our eyes before it's too late. This is the story of The Sleepwalkers.