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Jim yackel
Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-Rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. His latest book is the suspense/thriller The Sleepwalkers was released in April 2014.  The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction The Wayfarers Complete Collection encompasses the three original books More...



Memory is pain, but there are some things he’ll never forget…

At thirty-nine years of age, Will Gailey is an “over the hill” singer-songwriter who leads a rock band that the music business doesn't consider to have the “now” sound. A trauma has rocked his world, and as a result his memory of events has been severely affected. Will can remember the lyrics and chord changes to his songs, but there are other things that seemingly he’s forgotten. Will has always enjoyed fishing, but even that relaxing activity has become a source of frustration. He’s become angry and disassociated, and has turned from the one thing that could bring him peace and healing. And where that one thing is concerned, that’s where his anger and the blame for his physical and spiritual pain are errantly directed. In his mind, that one thing is the cause for his loss and his suffering.

Months after the trauma, Will continues to suffer crushing headaches. He decides to take matters into his own hands as what is supposed to heal his anguish is only exacerbating it. He’s become weakened, vulnerable, and open to spiritual torment. He’s alone and in need of help, but when people come into his life that can be of assistance he’s apt to reject them. Vivid dreams, visions, and hallucinations occur, and in them are both the help he needs and likewise persecution. Will was a strong man, but now there’s a strong man that’s found a breach and is creating havoc in his life. Will remembers how to defeat the strong man, but it seems that he’s chosen to forget.

Will has changed, but band mates and friends remember how he “used to be.” Can he be the way he used to be again?

I have to admit that the idea for the story involving a week of Will Gailey's life came out of the blue. I write fiction concerning the biblical End of Days, but this story is a departure from that theme. My protagonist Will is in physical, mental, and spiritual pain because of an event that's shaken the very core of his existence. Because of the pain he has a "Jones" that he knows he needs to get free of. Can he kick the Jones? Because of his trauma his personality has changed, but does he ever become his old self again? He places the blame for all of this malady on someone who should be his hope and his peace; does he ever come to reconciliation with this "someone"? Does Will even recover and survive? You'll have to read the story to know the answers to that question and so many others!