The Orthodoxy of Arrogance: Revised Edition

General Fiction

By Michael Amram

Publisher : Trafford

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Michael Amram
I've retired from the corporate world America loves so much.  In 2012, after 14 years of releasing medical records, I am focused on releasing things I create. I am the Indie author of the novel The Orthodoxy of Arrogance and poetry book Scenes the Writer Shows {forty-one places a poem ca More...



The Orthodoxy of Arrogance is a fictional account of historical events and the subsequent personal and familial conflicts they can create. The main character, Mordichai Lebenschitz, is a moyl from Dachau, Germany. As the Nazi regime rises, he changes his name to the more German Moritz. He is pompous, self-centered, and oblivious to the world and its proposed effects on him. He is charming, manipulative and self-indulgent. He and his wife Hannah elude the Nazis from 1941-1944 in the city of Dachau. My novel suggests possible scenarios of events in history. It weaves them with personal, familial, and societal conflicts they affect. It borders on the least likely outcomes of historical events. They are often endured by arrogant and self-indulgent attitudes. The Orthodoxy of Arrogance is the story of sheer will. It is a fictional account of one believing in oneself to the point of selfishness. It is the conflict of ego and how it can work to disrupt human emotions.

This novel began with a shave and a few hairs cut. From the opening scene in an old barber shop, a journey of two characters of self-assurance was born. The "little of the sides" is taken from an incident in an old barber shop I observed. I was tired of reading, and seeing documentaries, grim depressing reels of the Holocaust. I wanted to portray the triumphs of the Jews, both factual and fictional. It grew into a story about a family living through the 1970s in mid-western America. A portion of the working manuscript for this novel was submitted for Minneapolis's Loft Literary Center's Mentor program. It was chosen out of forty works of fiction as a finalist for their 2011-12 series

~~By  Ila France Porcher   on May 27, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition
"The Orthodoxy of Arrogance" is the riveting tale of a Jewish couple who flee Dachau in Nazi Germany in 1944, and follow a difficult path to safety in America. Yet it begins with the story of their daughter, who, a generation later, is trying to find her identity in the aftermath of these dramatic events which overshadow her life. The character of her father is first revealed through her eyes. He is a man who, to use the words in the dedication, is "too arrogant to learn from history, but self-confident enough to rise above it."

Though I have read many stories of the Second World War, they usually focused on the heroic actions of the Allies, leaving the reality faced by those inside Nazi Germany in shadow. This book lifts the curtain on Jewish life inside the Third Reich.

Who could have imagined, for example, that during one of the famous Nazi rallies at Propyläen, one of Der Führer's buildings, a group of Jews nearby were focused on levitating it? Witnesses claimed to have seen the structure begin to vibrate, then rise a meter, revealing the fires of hell lashing out beneath! Such unexpected bravado fills the pages of this wonderful book, while developing the theme of the power of arrogance. It even reveals a new use for marijuana.

Against the background of the exciting and dangerous events which take place, the characters are presented with unusual delicacy and a richness of imagery that is rare to find