ABOUT Anna Esi Hanson

Anna Esi Hanson
I am a writer... I love to write... I love to write your stories. It may be fictitious, but it may be real. I love to blog, because I love to say things just as they are. I am a Ghanaian lady, an engineer by profession, but with a great passion for writing. I love to go places, because it More...



A suspense-drama story set in Ghana, Africa.....


Maame Esi Panford was constantly tormented by a particular dream. The face of the the man in her dream had eluded her for years until she finally saw him. Horrifying enough, he was the exact replica of her husband, Luke Johnson!


She needed answers. When she meets Mark McCarthy accidentally, little does she know that is the beginning  of the unraveling of a mystery she was never prepared for.


Maame Esi Panford has a surprise planned for Luke Johnson!