The Missing Letter: A Mail Order Bride Scandal

ABOUT Christian Reid

Christian Reid
Christian Reid is an aspiring author who has recently begun to express his ideas in writing. He has always enjoyed artistic and creative hobbies and found it quite rewarding to published his first short story in 2013. His goal as an author is to continue learning how to express himself and More...



Angela, Lizzy, and Marilyn were as close as sisters, growing up together in an orphanage. Everything seemed in order when they are hired by Miss Finley, a wealthy philanthropist who employs them to work at her boarding house, in Boston. Angela is patient and motherly, tending to the needs of others. Marilyn is the consummate flirt, who thinks she has a rich man ready to propose. And Lizzy has secretly been writing Evan Wilcox after answering his advertisement for a mail order bride.
When Marilyn does not receive the offer of marriage that she anticipated, will her scandalous plans fool everyone? Or will Daniel Wilcox, Evan's brother, come up with a plan of his own? Friendships are tested and love surfaces in unexpected places, in this mail order bride short story.