Walkabout Willie / Mucky Karms

ABOUT Jude Johnson

Jude Johnson
Jude Johnson is the granddaughter of a Mexican-Native American curandera (healer) and considers herself “native by proxy” to Arizona. Always a history buff, she loves mixing real historical research in with rip-raoring tales of adventure and romance. She speaks moderately effective Bad More...



Walkabout Willie / Mucky Karms is one book of two tales: Walkabout Willie, a delightful story from Down Under about Willie, a Wandering Wombat who learns that going walkabout on a Grand Adventure might entail more than he bargained for; Mucky Karms is a fractured faerie tale about a unicorn, a cranky leprechaun, and the witch who lives in the deepest, darkest part of the forest.
Appropriate for read-aloud and grade-school age independent readers with designated pages for children to draw their own illustrations.