Murder Inc.

ABOUT Christian Cipollini

Christian Cipollini
Christian Cipollini is an award-winning author, organized crime historian & comic book writer/creator.
He can be seen as an ‘expert’guest commentator for television series “Gangsters:America’s Most Evil" and consulted on National Geographic's "DRUGS, Inc."  More...



Murder Inc. is the fascinating story of La Cosa Nostras most ruthless hit squad. When the Big Four of crime - Charles Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin Bugsy Siegel and Frank Costello - essentially reshaped the structure of the New York underworld in 1931 a new era of mobster was born. Organized, disciplined and having no mercy for those that would jeopardize the ultimate goal...earning illicit money. In order to enforce the rules of conduct and further protect the hierarchy of gangland leadership an arm of the mob was created to carry out a very special brand of justice. Culled from the Jewish and Italian sections of Brooklyn s Brownsville and Ocean Hill sections, these specialists within the underworld came to be known as the boys from Murder Incorporated.