The Many Mysteries of Kaylee Marie: Bones

ABOUT Leslie Glover

Leslie Glover
Hello.  My name is Leslie Glover and I am the author of The Many Mysteries of Kaylee Marie.  My main character is a typical teenage girl who has an incredible ability to solve mysteries in her small southern town.  She does all this while living with seizures.  I write my books to be e More...



"I was trying to figure out the best thing to do next, when my eyes wandered over to a small patch of ground that had been dug away. It was surrounded by its own yellow tape, and I knew. It was the shallow grave that had once held the bones.
My heart grew heavy when I thought about how sad and tragic the whole situation was. Would they ever find out what happened? Would they find justice for what was done?
I was lost in thought when Chevy jumped up and looked back towards the trees.
“What is it, girl?”
I called out for Mom, but there was no answer. Chevy was getting more nervous, and so was I. I could barely get the words out when I said,
“Hello. Is someone there?”"

When a century old skeleton is found under what had once been the McCavish house, Kaylee Marie Green once again sets out to solve the mystery. Bones is the second book in The Many Mysteries of Kaylee Marie series about a typical teenage girl who doesn’t let her seizures stop her from doing amazing things. Suspense, humor, and heartfelt moments can all be found throughout Kaylee’s latest journey in Bones.