The Consular Investigator -: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

ABOUT Onofre Poonin

Onofre Poonin
Onofre Poonin (Eufrain) was born in the City of Seven Lakes, Philippines to Filipino parents, grew up in Manila and Laguna, and returned to Quezon province to settle down in 1974. For fifteen years he worked with the U.S. Embassy as Consular Investigator of the Anti-Fraud Unit and became r More...



Get involved with one of the unknown facts about the life of a Consular Investigator! The author provides you with an in depth description of ten of his well-depicted chapters. He carefully describes the circumstances that lead to taking you to his simple dream, his adventure and fulfillment, even to his downfall and his faith in God; the tragedy that destroys him, and a vivid description of the character’s bitter challenges and how he managed to confront it. His enviable rise and his tragic fall highlighted the impact of the scene. Suffering a disheartening defeat at his fight for justice, it paved his way to his faith that God is always there to lend him a helping hand. The way it is presented, this must be a non-fiction novel. A high-quality best drama-adventure of a novel, and must-read.