The Ogre Menace (The O'Shea Chronicles)

ABOUT Seamus Leprechaun

Seamus Leprechaun
~~It is said that Seamus is so old, not even he remembers his age or last name. The ancient leprechaun was born in Caer Gorias several generations after the death of the greatest leprechaun hero ever known.  
Like all leprechaun children, Seamus often played games pretendi More...



~~The fairy village of Clew is wiped out in a matter of minutes by the ferocious and terrifying ogres, and no one knows where or when they will strike next.
When King Strahan, the king of the fairies calls on Dougal and Derry, the magical leprechaun twins, to travel to Sarasidhe to help the fairy race combat the threat of the ogres, they are quick to answer the plea.
But will that be enough to turn the tide in the fairies’ favour, or is all hope lost?

‘In this age of children’s fantasy, the adventures of Dougal and Derry are a welcome addition to the fairytale fantasies genre, especially as they have a novel Celtic twist. The tale is well written, carefully structured, and will undoubtedly appeal to younger readers. I look forward to reading it to my grandchildren.’
Dr. Brian O’Farrell – Author - Shakespeare’s Patron, William Herbert, Third Earl of Pembroke, 1580-1630 - Continuum Press, London 2011.

The Ogre Menace is the second volume in The O’Shea Chronicles series.
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