Defenders of Tyrie

ABOUT Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs
Mark Paul Jacobs lives in lovely Dauphin, Pennsylvania. He enjoys fishing the Canadian north, poker, and annoying his wife. He has authored two novels: How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the last Mighty T-Rex, a Historical Science Fiction tale set in 1914, and the hard science fiction novel: Defende More...


A heroic tale of perseverance, bravery, loss, betrayal, and redemption...

Defenders of Tyrie is an epic science fiction adventure like no other... set on a harsh alien world where triple moons draw eerie shadows over vast mountainous landscapes laden with horrific natural dangers.

Quintar is a natural-born leader of men. For generations, his tight-knit guild of Yaakriders have partnered with the giant hairy bipeds to connect Tyrie’s rugged and remote human settlements. Thrust suddenly into politics by his indomitable commander Carathis, humble Quintar emerges as the people's champion following a brutal winter bravely defending Tyrie's settlements from an invasion of monstrous snow-creatures.

But Quintar realizes his true destiny only after he stumbles upon a wrecked metal structure while hunting in the high mountains and he dreams of the mythical Thrimara. Encouraged by the scholars of Adair and inspired by sketchy reports of uncontacted outsiders living beyond Tyrie's borders, Quintar volunteers to lead a small but colorful group of companions on a harrowing journey into the unknown wilderness on a quest to unravel Tyrie's greatest mystery.