The Day God Winked

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Mark Jacobs
Mark Paul Jacobs lives in lovely Dauphin, Pennsylvania. He enjoys fishing the Canadian north, poker, and annoying his wife. He has authored two novels: How Teddy Roosevelt Slew the last Mighty T-Rex, a Historical Science Fiction tale set in 1914, and the hard science fiction novel: Defende More...



Every human on earth would remember exactly where they were on the day everything changed. Like Pearl Harbor or JFK’s assassination or September 11th, 2001, the event was firmly anchored in everyone’s conscience— sometimes clear, sometimes hazy, confusing, and ultimately unfathomable. The Day, so labeled by the billions who bore witness— the Day that swept away any other single episode in the history of mankind was so profound that many, even three years later, firmly believe that it was all some sort of delusion or dream; although only a few of the skeptical would openly admit they thought nothing at all happened. But for one troubled man, The Day meant so much more. Warning for strong language and depictions of drug use.
A 7000 word short story by Mark Paul Jacobs
(SPECIAL BONUS - two additional short stories by Mark Paul Jacobs)
Incident at Walter's Creek:
What really happened on that remote Tennessee farmstead on that chilly fall night in 1828? Sixteen years later, Zacharias Neil, Andrew Jackson Thomkins, and Zack’s little brother, Aaron, are determined to find out. An eerie tale of paranormal terror. Warning for mild language and strong dialect.
Humans have evolved to their present form in a few million years. And they have risen to prominence in just a few thousand; a mere speck in earth’s unfathomable timeline. Are we the first to gaze into the heavens contemplating our fate? Here, I present a short tale pondering the shortcomings of sentience. Once upon a time, sixty-five million two hundred and forty-two thousand years ago...