You Think You Know Us: Stage Plays for Teen Actors

ABOUT David-Matthew Barnes

David-Matthew Barnes
David-Matthew Barnes is the bestselling author of twelve novels and several collections of stage plays, poetry, short stories, and monologues. He has written over forty stage plays that have been performed in three languages in eight countries. His literary work has been featured in over o More...



This collection of widely-produced and award-winning scripts includes twelve stage plays featuring roles written specifically for teen actors. Titles include the one-act plays Baby in the Basement, Boxcar, Defenseless, It's a Pleasure to Be Sad, Johnny Ramirez Really Wants to Kiss Me, No Boys Allowed, Number 76, Punch Bowl, Stay, and That Bitch Brenda Stole My Lip Gloss (and I Want it Back). This edition also includes the complete scripts of the full-length plays A Darling Among the Maidens and Frozen Stars.