ABOUT Kerry A Stanley

Kerry A Stanley
Kerry A Stanley was born and grew up in Cambridgeshire, UK.
After acquiring a taste for story telling whilst still at school she
went on to be involved in various writing projects at University
where she graduated with a degree in Media and Cultural



After months of recuperation, getting to know her older sister, studying The Book for potential answers and still trying to deal with her feelings for her closest friend; Annabel finally takes a leap and accepts Jessica’s offer of a date. A date which unfortunately does not go as expected when they are violently interrupted by the attack they had been waiting but were not ready for, an attack which would trigger a string of events and decisions which leads them to their native world of Concordia. Where, a silent civil war has been escalating for decades and the arrival of Annabel, Jessica and Rose causes a rapidly approaching, violent, bloody and emotionally exhausting final battle. Revelations, new enemy’s, new alliances and the development of their abilities ensures this will be anything but easy.