Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I

Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I

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A. Wrighton
A. Wrighton has been imagining flights of wild fancy since before she could figure out how to tie her shoes. Her love of writing, creating, and imagination has led her through a life full imaginative and amazing adventures. A. Wrighton's literary efforts were first noticed in grade school More...



**2nd Edition published March 2014 with sincere thank you to all the D&R fans**


At first, a collective power in the Seven Soleran Kingdoms made sense. United under the Council, they thought it would be the end of years of war and death.

When the Council ordered the systematic murder of those capable of wielding magic - Runics - as reparation for their role in the Soleran loss of the Great War, no one thought twice of the order.

Except a few Dragonics - prestigious dragon riders - who defied the damning orders and instead demanded justice. But, their call for defiance came too late.


Now, those against the Council's oppressive reign have long since been outcast to the fringes of society - their numbers and will dwindling. Alaister Paine, Commander of the Rogue Dragonics - an elite force of Resistance Dragon Riders - leads the quest for freedom and justice with little hope of success.

On the eve of a political victory for the Council, Paine deciphers one of his predecessor's logs revealing that one Runic - a woman of untold magic - was hidden from the Council's grasp.

Find the Runic, and the Rogues will finally be able to enact a legendary prophecy meant to free Solera and bring justice back to its people.

Trouble is… they are not the only ones searching for the last Soleran Runic.