Blinded Thoughts

Blinded Thoughts





The lives of two young black men from the Harlem "hood" of upper Manhattan in New York become inextricably intertwined through a series of seemingly unrelated events.
Follow Noel -- the Dollar Man -- through his early life on the street, a brief respite in a group home following his parents' arrest for abusing his sister, Jenna, culminating in several years of incarceration at the Bridges Juvenile Detention Facility in the Bronx after making a bold, but short-lived escape from the group home together with one of his roommates.

At the same time, become intimately involved in the parallel life of Terrell -- the Hustler -- who spends most of his life in the home of his grandmother, "Mama B," following his own mother's departure after she murders her friend, and who chooses to drop out of high school in order to embark on a life of drug sales, fast money, sex, and violence.

Until he encounters Noel.

This fictionalized novel is based on actual events.
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Hey guys i have been receiving your emails, about your review getting deleted or not showing on the book page. i want to extend my deepest apology and hank you so much for your support. i have successfully spoke with amazon and they are working to get the problem fixed thank you once again.

Sincerely Mark D. Leslie APAB