ABOUT Vincent Gilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry
I am an Australian and the author of five books which may seem as if they are simple adventures on the surface, but they are not. They are riddled with humour, fun, fascination and intrigue and who knows what else. The world has changed and it is really is time for people to step up an More...



On the day that Fate, Providence and Destiny make an appearance in your life, it could be good news or it could be bad. Two young men from Alpha Centauri find out exactly what that means when they become the pivotal players in a drama of cosmic proportions. They’re accused of a crime they didn’t commit, they are stalked and threatened and their friendship is tested to the limit. The odds are against them every step of the way and they barely survive one life-threatening situation after another. Their task is to dispose of a dangerous adversary before he can dispose of them but they are resourceful young lads but they do have one thing in their favour. They are the descendants of the God of Space and Time and even though that is a bonus to some degree it does have its drawbacks. Sit back and enjoy the ride as these boys go from zero to hero. 




These stories are not science fiction or fantasy or even supernatural and if they are to be classified as anything at all it is speculative fiction. That means that they are a product of the imagination primarily because they exist in a fictitious world created by the author. The first two novels are set in a remote galaxy on the outer perimeter of Alpha Centauri and the next three are set in Earth’s past and future. To say that the principal characters are no different to anyone else is not entirely true, but they are human. And if you choose to read this series of books, I can assure you that you will not be subjected to mindless acts of violence. In fact, it’s just the opposite and you might even have a good old chuckle every now and then.