Mercenary (Tangled Threads) (Volume 1)

Mercenary (Tangled Threads) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Hugo Haro

Hugo Haro



Every person’s life memories stay with them, spun into threads of energy that weave about their body, coiling tighter and tighter as the years go by. Some people have destinies to fulfill –heroic battles that need to be fought. Sometimes these threads become entangled with those of other heroes. Sometimes the threads are tangled on purpose. Desperate to flee an arranged marriage and an abusive grandmother, clairsentient Soledad quickly latches on to one of the ‘bad men’ who have recently arrived in the coastal town of Mal Pais. Having narrowly escaped fierce creatures on the Isle of Cipit, Jaremy Blake and the surviving mercenaries find more trouble awaits them as they follow Soledad’s visions deep into the bowels of terrifying Isla San Lucas. With their commander, Kiarme, incapacitated, Thomas Wayne must keep control of their new base point, despite the nightly attacks of a demon-eyed hag. And somewhere in the shadows, a cipit lurks, waiting… The Milesian Army has two main goals: interviewing a group of students who claim to have encountered vicious creatures on an island off the coast of El Salvador, and recovering a secret aerial weapon and its pilot from the Amazon. As Bryce Schaeffer crosses paths with mercenaries in Central America, his wife Noelani engages in lethal battle with legendary creatures within the dark recesses of the Jungle. As heroes’ stories unfold, as their paths cross and tangle, Soledad becomes a crucial element in the war between Humans and Non-Humans. But there is only one thing Soledad intends to do with her powers—keep her mercenary safe. At all cost.