The Great Omission: Evangelizing the Lost for the Great Commission

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Jack Wellman
I am a father & grandfather who has written¬†4 books & freelance Christian Apologetics writer with a BA in history, & degrees in science & education. I freelance in Christian Apologetics & write about theological, historical, scientific, archeological, mathematical, bio More...


What are the most effective methods to evangelize the lost? This book contains easy to follow steps on how to go door-to-door and create or improve your church's Outreach. Evangelize the way Jesus and the apostles did by using the Word of God, the Spirit, with the Word of God to make children of God by prayer and the Ten Commandments. Today I am training churches in how to reach the lost with basic, simple steps for beginners to show step by step procedures in easy to remember acronyms. This book, I hope, encourages believers to move from the great omission to the Great Commission. Only 1 in 10 Christians share their faith with others and only 1 in 20 will ever lead another person to Christ. Only 5% of churches have an active Outreach and evangelism program. Let's change that.