York Bound Enterprise Presents: NOT GUILTY

York Bound Enterprise Presents: NOT GUILTY

ABOUT Kareem Abdul Rahman

kareem abdul rahman
Jay-r is the king of Philly's crack game. After constantly being harassed by his kids mother about the life he lives he decides to retire from the game. He puts his money and energy into the rap group he manages. Him and his rap group make music a full-time job. The music takes off quickl More...



At only 14 years old Terrel Porter was quickly becoming a young famous hood legend. His fame came from being one of the best basketball players in the city. It was clear to anyone who had ever watched him play that he was going places. Most people said that place would be the NBA. Terrel wanted to be famous, but not for the reasons one would expect. He wanted to be famous in the hood for doing some gangster type ish.......

Terrel got his wish when he teamed up with his buddy Gene. The two went on a robbing spree. After a few robberies Terrel started to be known in the hood for more than his skills on the basketball court. He was finally starting to gain the street clout that he'd always been seeking and he was starting to be more and more certain that this was the life for him.... It's a known fact that if you do something long enough you're usually bound to get caught up. That's exactly what happened to Terrel. The possibility of blowing his future woke Terrel up and after being caught just one time Terrel decided that crime wasn't the life for him. He got his mind right and chose to fly straight and take advantage of the God-given talents that he was blessed with. Terrel wound up having a baby with Anissa who he thought was the girl of his dreams. Terrel puts his NBA dreams on hold to do the responsible thing and find work so that he can take care of his new family. He was content with living this way and never had any regrets about trading in his ball dreams for his family. One night, a few drinks, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time would change Terrel's life forever!

Terrel finds himself in the county jail. He quickly learns that there are only two types of people in jail.....prey and predators. Terrel had no plans on being anyone's prey! He fights everyone in order to survive. He fights other inmates constantly. He fights to keep his family together while he's behind bars. The biggest fight of them all is the one that he will fight in the courtroom in order to prove his innocence!