Strategies for Concise Writing (Essential Writing Skills)

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David Bowman
David Bowman specializes in writing well. With over 20 years of editing experience, Mr. Bowman has a wealth of strategies and advice to help you communicate in writing, connect with your reader, and reach your goals.

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Good writing is concise. Concise writing communicates clearly, and it demonstrates respect for the reader. When every word in your document adds value, you will help your reader understand the text and keep your reader interested in your ideas. Strategies for Concise Writing contains 42 strategies for writing concisely, organized in 5 sections: (1) Make Verbs Do the Work, (2) Simplifying Adjectives and Adverbs, (3) Organization and Focus, (4) Phrases and Words to Cut, and (5) More Phrases to Reduce. Improve your writing by learning to write concisely.