Sky Streak of Terror

ABOUT Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffin
Dan Griffin was born in Bangor, Maine in 1963, and was raised on a small dairy farm in Levant, ME until 1981; the year that I graduated from high school. I began working various odd jobs until 1990, when I decided to move to Fairbanks, Alaska in search of adventure, and is now my permanent More...



Sky Streak of Terror, a novel about heroism, love, and betrayal, when a young man from the small community of Spruce Hills, Alaska, has his peaceful farming life turned upside down, when he learns that he is responsible for freeing an immortal and murderous, extra-terrestrial prisoner from a fallen meteorite. The gifted young man with newly aquired enhanced abilities, is soon forced into action. He entered the conflict between the devastating alien shape-shifter and nearby military's doomed and decimated troops, in order to save mankind from imminent destruction, while also battling his personal feelings of guilt and demons of tragedy. Sky Streak of Terror is a sci-fi, alien superthriller, that will keep readers guessing with suspense through each and every page. The story is loaded with explosive action and powerful suspense and drama. And its romance, along with the many twist, turns, and unexpected plots, will leave the readers craving for a mini-series.