Vampire - The Quest for Truth (The Vampire Series Book 3)

Vampire - The Quest for Truth (The Vampire Series Book 3)

ABOUT Charmain Mitchell

Charmain Mitchell
Hi,   I'm Charmain, and I live in a pretty market town in Hampshire in the UK with my partner, four children, two cats, and countless chickens and ducks.  Actually, I was very tempted to write and a partridge in a pear tree at the end of that sentence, but that would be silly (although More...



Vampire – The Quest for Truth, is the third book in the ‘Vampire’ series, and continues with the story of Gwen, a 500year old vampire, and her lover and nemesis Robert Vanike.

This third instalment of the bestselling series follows Gwen as she flees Robert’s wrath and returns to France, but can she escape him? And furthermore, can she repay the debt she owes?

Excerpt from Vampire – The Quest for Truth.

‘What a silly little fool I was. Acting like a saintly person who sacrificed everything for her son, when in truth, well, I wanted to live for me. I wanted eternal life, riches and above all else, I wanted Robert!

I cringed in shame at how ridiculous I was, and sank lower and lower into a vat of self-pity, hoping for a death that would never come. And if it did, would I embrace it, no I would not. I would sit on my throne of self-importance, and once more I would find an excuse to justify my worthless existence.’

Charmain Marie Mitchell lives in a small market town in the south of England. She decided to start writing full time a little over a year ago and she is loving every minute of her new career. You can follow Charmain via twitter @charmain_m