Unbreakable Hostage

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Lauren Shiro

Publisher : Vanilla Heart Publishing

ABOUT Lauren Shiro

Lauren Shiro
Formerly L. E. Harvey, Lauren married her partner on June 2, 2012. She and her publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing, are releasing all of her books under her new married name, and releasing some wonderful new titles as well! Lauren Shiro is an author of contemporary and LGBT fiction. Her s More...



Lareina Oliveira; she wants to share her passion for math. So it is back to school for Lareina… a tough Ph.D. program. A classmate is captivated by Lareina’s beauty and intelligence, and despite her repeated refusals to his attentions, he kidnaps her! Only her determination and wits can save her…

Unbreakable Hostage is the product of a challenge from my publisher. Wanting to push me and help me grow as a writer, Vanilla Heart Publishing pushed me to try my hand at a suspense novel. This is the result of that challenge!

"I read this awhile ago and it sit fondly in my kindle awaiting my turn to read it one more time. I have read nearly all of Lauren's books and I always look forward to more books in the future. I highly recommend Lauren's book...it is a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout your read." - Laura Badmone