Steampunk Carnival (Steam World Book 1)

ABOUT Cassandra Leuthold

Cassandra Leuthold
Cassandra started creating outside-the-box, character-driven stories in second grade.  Over twenty years later, she continues to combine what most people think of as opposites: the magical and the everyday, the modern and the vintage, the darkest recesses of the mind and the greatest heig More...



Katya Romanova gave up everything to work at the one-of-a-kind Steampunk Carnival, and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  As a guide to the guests, she basks in the attention her elaborate costumes bring her, hoping they might also win her a husband.  And no man pays her more attention than her boss and carnival owner, William Warden.

But in the summer of 1887, death threats against Mr. Warden break the spell.  Katya knows he might be as underhanded as he is charming, but who actually wants him dead?  With her nerves on edge, Katya finds unexpected evidence about the carnival’s true origins that jump the stakes even higher.  Not sure whom they can trust, Katya and her best friend, Magdalene, work to unravel the carnival’s mysteries.  Who really invented the innovative rides?  Is Mr. Warden protecting his employees or only himself from the looming violence?  And will Katya cling to the better side of his nature or eventually turn her affections for him into a powerful rivalry?