A Vampire in an Elven Court (Elven Vampire Series Book 3)

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Jax E. Garson
Writer of several books, Space Station Apocalypse, Double Eagle War, Fifth World, Dark Wine, Amongst the Shadows, Under the Graves, A Cursed Life, The Sin of Mediocrity, The Cold and Dark Places, Confessions of an Elven Vampire, The Scandal of Vampire Cults, A Vampire in an Elven Court, Va More...



For adults only.

A Vampire in an Elven Court: The Converted Word

(The third chapter in the Elven Vampire series.)

The family heirloom has been stolen. The castle has been ransacked. The wayward Prince Garbazhio has been summoned to return home to help solve the case.

The Elven Vampire Prince brings along his good friend, Scruta with his natural magical properties. They are also joined by the sticky fingered boy, Raybutte. Together they will cause chaos in the calm and proper Elven City of Agarentell.

The android is in the city, causing all kinds of trouble. The Prince has to stop him and recover the family heirloom. But there are twists and turns in the bounds of his corrupt family that obstructs his job. Between his family and the android, he does not know who to trust. What makes it worse is that they hate him, and his Vampirism.

They have to fight through mobs, Griffins, walking dead, robots and the more fearsome… his family of twisted siblings.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, blood, language, sex, nudity and very adult situations.