Storm Warning: Where Mother Nature Clashes With Human Nature

ABOUT Marilyn Celeste Morris

marilyn celeste morris
Although she was raised as a Military Brat, Marilyn Celeste Morris was born in her grandfather’s house in Toronto, Texas, a small Southern Pacific Railroad Section six miles west of Alpine. Perhaps as an omen of what would be the next twenty years of her life, the railroad’s abandonmen More...



What will happen when a fully-fueled bomber from the Air Force base just outside a large Texas city, piloted by a woman named Rory Calhoun, is flung by a fierce tornado into the county's largest, busiest shopping mall? Begin the day with the mall manager, his assistant, the security officer, and Howard The Weatherman, whose predictions are always uncannily accurate, and in this case, deadly. We follow the characters above and many of the mall's shoppers and store owners. Who lives and who dies?