Aristoddlers Presents: The Greedy King, A Tale of Ancient Greece

Children's Books

By Mitchell Biesemeyer

Publisher : Tall Tails Publishing House

ABOUT Mitchell Biesemeyer

Mitchell Biesemeyer


Does money make you happy? The Greedy King is certain it does. The Greedy King has so much treasure, he thinks he must be the happiest man who ever lived. When a wise man tells the Greedy King he is only lucky, events are set in motion that will change the world. Aristoddlers adapts true stories from Greek and Roman history into illustrated stories for children, sharing these ancient lessons with the next generation. This is the story of greedy King Croesus and wise Solon, and what it really means to be happy.

Mitchell Biesemeyer was inspired to write this story by one of his professors at the University of Oklahoma. "Dr. J. Rufus Fears was an exceptional professor who taught classes on freedom in Greece and Rome. His passion for history was infectious, and each of the stories he shared in class had valuable life lessons that are still relevant today. Dr. Fears' classes really fueled my desire to make these ancient stories accessible to the children of today."

Susan Clark (has taught 1st grade for 21 years)
This book was an interesting read. I always enjoy books that have a lesson behind the story.  It’s fun for kids to be able to identify the moral of the story and how it relates to their everyday life. I also like the fact that the story keeps you guessing on what is going to happen to the greedy king. I know kids would enjoy the story.

Ingrid Ahrens Massey (has taught for 16 years;  first in first grade, now as an assistant professor of reading)
This book delivers a wonderful message that all young children could benefit from and includes rich vocabulary that could spark lively conversations and great lessons in the classroom.