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Carmen Stevens
Carmen Gross, pen name Carmen Stevens, was born in March of 1992. She currently resides in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, where she attends college full-time and makes time for promoting her book. Carmen enjoys reading, writing, law, movies, music, acting, taking walks, shopping, and spending t More...



18th century England-Fourteen-year old Anne Falkman is an arrogant, desperate orphan trying to live any way she can on the streets of London. Through her desolate, lonely years, a hope was born within her, the hope that fate would bless her and give her lasting happiness. Growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father, Anne has nurtured a fear of men. She also fears marrying and giving birth, which was the death of her mother and caused her father to go mad and violently hate his daughter. When a series of events gives Anne a chance for happiness, she takes it and achieves her dreams, but at what cost? Will she attain the life of happiness that she dreamed of? Which choices are the best ones to make?

Everyone believes in something. Some believe in God, and some believe in fate. My titular character, Anne, believes fervently in fate. Anne is an arrogant, egotistical, young, orphaned girl in old England who longs for fate to bless her with true, lasting happiness.

Always a good strategy in exploiting situations and contexts

Domestic violence had taken its toll on the fourteen year old Anne's young life in Carmen Stevens, Anne. As the book gradually enfolds, it takes the reader to a new level of reality, Anne's past. This gifted writer has that capacity to engage them well and truly into the book and into the lives of the characters effortlessly. The convincing portrayal of characters and the complexity of the interrelationships is a well developed aspect which would gave it a definite sense of literariness. Always a good strategy in exploiting situations and contexts.
which help readers view her world more clearly and I always loved that in stories
'Anne' is a fascinating novel. The author focuses a lot on the details, which help readers view her world more clearly and I always loved that in stories. The story kept me captivated and although it's rather long, I wasn't bored at all. This book reads like a classic and I can gladly recommend it to people who loves historical fiction.