ABOUT Emmanuelle Grey

Emmanuelle Grey
Emmanuelle Grey was born in a little town in Europe and since has lived in different places, finally settling in Montreal, Canada.

She's traveled the world and had her best Pad Thai in Amsterdam. She has been writing since her teens and is too ashamed to look at those works tod More...



Seventeen-year-old Circe is fine with watching the world burn as long as it's from afar. When her twin is taken by beings known as the Others, she is willing to do anything to rescue him. Including enlisting the help of an injured, though handsome, cyborg and facing off against the charismatic leader of a less than benevolent human Resistance.

However, she isn't prepared for the new reality after coming out of isolation. The Earth she once knew is decimated by an unknown virus, former humans are made into vicious cyborgs, and the brother she is desperate to get to might be better off as he is. With shocking discoveries along the way, Circe is forced to lead a life she's never imagined and abide by this New World's rules: love only when convenient and play pretend every hour of the day.

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