Velvak's Victory (A Bradapol Series Fiction Novel for Kindle (Action, adventure and fantasy) #1)

ABOUT Eddie De Jong

Eddie de Jong
In my teenage years, I was an extreme introvert with no social skills whatsoever. My reality existed only in my head and, although I lived in an external world, it had very little impact on me. If I think back today, there is actually very little that I remember from my school days. At the More...



Survival of the fittest. Can a society living in the Stone Age defeat unwanted visitors from a technologically advanced world?


When Alec's mom reports his math teacher for bullying, she has no idea what the consequences will be. Scared out of her mind, she decides to return to Bradapol to ask for help, knowing full well that this could lead to her execution.

Although Bradapol has never progressed past the Stone Age, they have learnt how to harness the natural elements through the Helper.

Alec's name is changed to Velvak, and he befriends Lokjab, a young wolf. With that, an ancient prophesy is fulfilled. With the help of Edno, Velvak discovers his own natural gifts and talents, and has to learn how to survive on his own in this harsh world.
When the Security Council discovers that someone from another world is plundering Bradapol's resources yet again, they decide to send Velvak to investigate. Trained warriors that were sent on previous occasions had simply disappeared.

Does Velvak really stand a chance?

The Bradapol books are available as fiction on kindle and can be described as action science fiction or action fiction.

Fiction kindle books can be described as either fiction general or some prefer fiction novels.

In much the same way, science fiction kindle books for adults would be a more accurate description than science fiction books.





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