Light of the Moon (The Fairlight Novels Book 2)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, General Fiction

By Sandra Hall

Publisher : Darkest Eye Productions

ABOUT Sandra Hall

Sandra Hall
I live and write in my home town in Missouri. I write paranormal, western, and adult contemporary novels, all have a touch of romance. I attended college at LeMoyneOwen College in Memphis, TN.



Ten years have passed since Velvet Washington fought demons, werewolves and dragons to save her city- and fell in love with the vampire known as Wilder. Now she has a team of warriors she calls Associates who are as determined as she to maintain law and order in the streets
Jerome Firestrom is still a thorn in her side and the main menace to Fairlight. He means to eventually run the city's underworld with the support of city hall.
For the last seven years, Velvet and Wilder have not been lovers and they've settled into a nice friendship.Then out of nowhere the local leader of the pack gets her attention. He is married and in a business partnership with Jerome, but all is not as it seems. She gets involved and the drama and romance begins.
This is part two in the Fairlight novels.