Heirs to the Kingdom Book Four: Queen of the Violet Isle

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Robin John Morgan

Publisher : Violet Circle Publishing

ABOUT Robin John Morgan

Robin John Morgan
Heirs to the Kingdom is a series of ongoing books, that I really never intended to publish. I have always written short stories, that have been read mainly by friends. I enjoy writing, but never considered myself a serious writer, for me it was just a way of allowing the creative feelings  More...



War is coming to the Green Realm. The Black city is filling fast with the deadly hoards that have been sent from Scotland. Boats are arriving packed with forces sent from London by Mason Knox, and they have only one thing in mind, the total destruction of York on route to Loxley.
It is a time for the coming of Queens, as Runestone nears her moment of birth, yet the happy event brings great fear, as the Woodland Realm knows, the birth of a new queen to the Isle of Fae will mark the start of a brutal attack, and the war will begin to take over the land.
The pressure is rising, as Robbie feels torn between defending his realm and protecting his wife during her moment of birth.
The Raven is watching and waiting, as she releases her devious dark creatures into the daylight, in hope of destroying Runestone in her one moment of weakness.
Heirs to the Kingdom Book four takes up the pace, and piles on the pressure from page one, as the adventure races into new realms and new challenges, with action from the start. Tears and laughter combine with the twists and turns of shock, fantasy, and adventure in what is the most gripping part of this series to date. You will not put this book down once you open the first page.