Trash To Treasure

General Fiction

By Rejoice Denhere

Publisher : A Good Tale

Trash To Treasure

ABOUT Rejoice Denhere

Rejoice Denhere
Rejoice is a businesswoman, speaker, coach and multi genre author. Her passion for writing emanated from a love of reading which started at a very young age thanks to her parents who both loved literature. One of her favourite quotes is: Use the talents you possess, for the woods would More...


Trash to Treasure is a collection of short stories resulting from the question, “What does a dinosaur, a pawnshop and graffiti have in common?” Fifteen authors took up the challenge and went in different directions. From the despair of a life that has sunk so low that a pawnshop is the only option, to the treasures to be found in one. From visiting a park that celebrates all that dinosaurs were, to life as one. From graffiti as a reflection of poverty and desperation, to an art form. Join us as we look at how trash can be transformed into treasure, physically and metaphorically.

Looking for a good summer read

Looking for a good summer read? This is it! Relax at the beach or wherever you want to enjoy a great book. Each author shares a different viewpoint of a single, overall theme. You will not be disappointed in any single story. Great anthology.

They're all great treasures!

This is the first time I've read a book of short stories by different writers who had a common thread, yet their individual stories, although entwined, presented an exciting glance into lives of ordinary people, just like you and me. It was a great reading experience.