A Hustler's Promise

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From the Kindle Bestselling author of Change of Heart...

"A Hustler's Promise took me on an emotional ride.  I love when books do that!" Diamond (@DiamondSkye20)

 "AHHH, I loved this book! Can't wait for part 2!" - Angela Baker, author of City Love

Money is the root of all evil
Or so they say...
Two street hustlers, bound together by a simple promise, have to make a choice...
The Streets Are Calling.

More praise for A Hustler's Promise:

"I'm a fan of urban fiction when it's done right and honestly, A Hustler's Promise is done right. I think it's cool that the author wrote a book about people who refuse to be a victim of their community and learn how to make their situation work for them." -Reading is My Cheap Addiction

"A strong male character in Rayshawn and an even stronger female character in Jaicyn makes this story compelling and edgy." - Cheryl Hough, Reviewer

*** For anyone who enjoys the works of David Weaver, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Nikki Turner, you will love A Hustler's Promise!

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