World War One Naval Battles In South American Waters

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Joan Veronica Robertson
A retired Math teacher from Chile, I’m a British national and a Chilean citizen, fluent in English and Spanish. I hold a Master’s degree in Education and still teach both Math and English. I’ve been writing all my life and I love it. So far I’ve published two e-books on Amazon’s  More...



During the first months of World War One, three Naval Battles took place off the coasts of Chile and Argentina. These were the Battle of Coronel in November, 1914, the Battle of the Falkland Islands in December, 1914 and the Battle of Mas a Tierra in March, 1915. All three are nearing their first centenary as the various nations, groups and localities that are related in some way to the participants continue to plan their respective commemoration activities. These little known, long ago battles and the fascinating secondary events that surround them, make interesting reading. They are the topic of this book. Here the reader will find details, maps, photos, personal comments of the author as a Chilean born British national and some very valuable original vintage photos that have never been published. The far reaching effects of these happenings on World War Two are also mentioned very briefly, to be considered in some future book.