'Journey for Jen' and "Blossoms of Spirit" Revised Edition

ABOUT LynneE Mitchell

LynneE Mitchell
I was born in a small country town in Western Australia.  I still live and work in this same town and it is from here that I am based.  My story can be described as a tale of mystery which is set in a familiar place.  From this familiar place, the scene changes as a journey takes place. More...



The revised edition enables both stories to be combined within the one cover.....

Jen is told mystery words from the lips of a dying Benedictine monk.  She then sets out to find out the meaning of the words.  The journey is a long one for Jen and along the way her life changes dramatically.  

The followup story, "Blossoms of Spirit', takes up the story again as Jen contemplates how much her life has changed.  Dealing with family secrets, and not just those of her own family, enables Jen search out meaning for both herself and those who she has come to know.  What will the discovery mean for Jen? Is she ready for the truth?

Mystery words are heard by a young Australian nurse. She takes the time to search out the meaning of those words and along the way uncovers some truths about herself and others whe meets. It is a story of mystery and dwells on the question: how far would you go to find out the truth?