ShadowShot: L'enfant Guerrier

ABOUT ​T. M. Deans

​T. M. Deans



Born in Paris in 1935 to an American socialite and a French aristocrat, Johno Duval is no ordinary man.

Due to circumstance, joining into the French resistance at the tender age of six years old, Johno helps to fight the Nazis for three horrific years—and becomes a legend. Eventually captured by the Gestapo, Johno is injured during a dramatic rescue and loses all memory of his first eight years.

Fleeing to America, his mother’s home, Johno returns to Europe as a young man and finds himself recruited as a mercenary fighter by a man who is either his best friend or worst enemy. But after a tragic incident in the Congo, he meets an incredibly sophisticated, stunning older woman who captivates him and exerts a powerful influence on his life for many years. He is quickly swept up into the dark and dangerous world of government espionage—and assassinations.

With his skills as an assassin put to the test, Johno lives on the edge for years until—in a sudden twist of fate—he joins forces with a beautiful British female assassin. Hunted by Arab assailants, the lovers find themselves on the run for their lives through the Congo, South Africa, and Timbuktu.

Constantly haunted by his forgotten past, will Johno's childhood finally catch up to him? Or will the hand of fate finally guide him to closure—and his soul mate?