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Pen White
Bitten by the writing bug at the age of ten, Pen is an avid reader in addition to being a prolific writer. A native Georgian she lived in Hollywood, California for a year and a half (pursuing Film Studies – an interesting distraction) and six weeks in Asheville, NC (attempting to get her More...



Every day millions of people use their cars, cell phones, and computers. They commute to work by bus or train. Hospitals run efficiently. Food is delivered round the clock. Imagine all of that . . . gone.

June 23, 2017: The United States is crippled by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, leaving every citizen in the dark, helpless and alone. It will happen again. Every thirty days another country will be attacked until the entire world is plunged into darkness.

Captain Beverly Mossberg is assigned the task of reaching Washington, DC to assassinate the terrorist before he strikes again. She doesn’t count on being accompanied by her two children, Michael, age 9 and Jazmine, age 12. Not to mention Sedona Armstrong, a complete stranger, is determined to join the party.

They traverse a now lawless land, scrounging for food and water, blowing up propane gas tanks, narrowly avoiding being raped and being held prisoners in a cannibal commune – a possible side-effect of massive disaster-related incidents.

Upon arriving in DC, Bev learns that she has been misled – again. Only this time, she has the weight of saving the world on her shoulders.

I first heard of an Electromagnetic Pulse while listening to One Second After by William Forschten on audiobook while I was at work. I began to visualize my own version of an EMP attack with women as the heroes. My best friend and I drove the 600-mile route from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC to get a feel for the landscape my characters would follow. We then toured Washington, DC, including the White House and the Smithsonian castle to lend authenticity to the novel.

Better than a Saturday night date!

By Trent on November 17, 2014

I needed a weekend getaway. I was transported from Atlanta to Washington, D.C as I read “Nero’s Fiddle.” I began reading the novel in a hot bubble bath at 6 pm Saturday and was so riveted I could not stop reading until Sunday morning at 9am…636 pages later!

Pen’s book is a blend of reality and imagination, historical and supposition, unafraid to confront any controversial issues. Since I live near the origin of the story, Stone Mountain, the first chapters had an Orson Wellsian effect because the events described were so believable. So creepy that I got out of my cold bubble bath and headed under the covers in the safety of my bed.

I have long suspected that my female friends who are former Marines have a strong resolve and a bit of a mystery to their pasts. Good mothers, difficult to believe that these attractive women that ever went through boot camp hell. Do not underestimate them! The main character, Captain Beverly Mossberg is one of those private, beautiful, and little bit crazy people…even her children had no idea who their momma was!

Contemporary issues such as PTSD, military actions, and equal rights (race, sex, religion and sexuality) are all handled deftly…if only the author was a politician! References to modern day television shows, movies, and even WalMart make the reader feel like they were hanging out with their own friends. Educational – are you a science or history geek? – you even feel smarter after tackling this volume. Pen even inserts herself into the story – a Hitchcock-like cameo. Comedy, suspense, dealing with teenagers, travel, everyone will find a reference to relate to themselves. Packed with so many different scenarios, I am afraid to give out any spoilers…(okay, cannibals)! Have a fun weekend (or longer) curling up with “Nero’s Fiddle”!


Can humanity survive an EMP attack? A great book for writers and readers.

By T. W. Barton

At the heart of this book is the heroine, Beverly Mossberg. A former Marine sniper suffering from PTSD and a divorced mother of two, who's tasked with saving the country following an EMP attack.

As you can guess from the premise of the book, there is plenty of action, a fair bit of it of the disturbing kind. It's not difficult to believe that during such an event, a fair number of humans would lose their humanity. Humans have never lost that little part of their brains often referred to as the "lizard brain" developed back in the cave man days when humans were snack packs for the dinosaurs. The lizard brain is only concerned with survival at any cost.

Sharing the journey of our heroine through the horrors that humans are capable of are her 9 yr. old son, a bright and intelligent soul, her 12 yr. old daughter with a chip the size of Texas on her shoulder, and a complete stranger that decides Beverly is just the person needed to get her back home.

There's a host of characters as we progress from Georgia to Washington DC. Some, who show that God and humanity can shine even in the darkest of times and some, who show that evil is always present and willing to prey on the weak and willing.

The roller coaster ride of adrenaline through this book will keep you turning page after page. I have to say that what impressed me the most about this book was the author's writing skills. While there is plenty of action this book is mostly dialogue driven. Realistic dialogue is a skill that often eludes authors and results in stilted and sometimes unrealistic character conversations. Not so here.

Great dialogue makes you form a clear mental image of the characters as if you're right there with them. I could feel the anger, fear, despair, and joy of the characters throughout this book. You can imagine the faces of the characters as they are gripped by raging anger or blood chilling fear. My mind supplied the audio effects of the shrill screams and the bubbling laughter.

This book is highly recommended for new authors for a great example of writing skills.


Phenomenal read...very engrossing!

Phenomenal read! I too spent every spare moment reading this book. The plot is enthralling, the characters well developed and the action was non - stop. I found myself routing for Bev and her rag tag band of soldiers and... (no spoiler am I, lol) the only thing I wished for at the end was some happiness for Colt...perhaps, Pen, a sequel is needed.


Great read -- don't miss this book!

REVIEW OF 'NERO'S FIDDLE': Once I picked up this novel and began reading, I didn't want to put it down. Yet, when I neared the last chapters, I almost began to read more slowly, because I didn't want it to end. This is a one-of-a-kind adventure that will captivate readers of all genres. I loved the characters -- and hated the villains with a passion -- and felt like I was making the entire trip with the cavalcade of them. "Nero's Fiddle" is smart, funny, devastating, mysterious, rich with description and layers, terrifying and fascinating all at once. It features strong characters, particularly women, and surprises at many turns. Pick up this book -- you won't be able to put it down. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for writing an honest review of it. -- Penny Weaver