Eyes Pried Open: The Sleepwalkers sequel

ABOUT Jim Yackel

Jim yackel
Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-Rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. His latest book is the suspense/thriller The Sleepwalkers was released in April 2014.  The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction The Wayfarers Complete Collection encompasses the three original books More...



America was warned but most didn’t listen. Darkness has settled upon the majority of the contiguous fifty states during a brutally cold and snowy winter. Many have frozen or starved to death, or was it the strange flu that killed them?

The military and government agencies have taken control with such rapidity that it seems they must have had prior knowledge that the event that brought darkness was coming. But is it the American government that’s truly in charge? Has a promised “transformation” finally been achieved? And when a transformation is considered, it it merely geopolitical or are there spiritual and religious elements involved?

Cheryl Seagraves struggles in what could be referred to as the Modern Stone Age. Her husband Jeff donned a black ski mask on YouTube and offered a warning to the nation, and now he’s gone missing. Cheryl is left to care for a young girl that Jeff rescued after the child’s parents were killed by government forces intent on enforcing Martial Law. With her husband gone without a trace, will the strain of caring for the child while she endures the heartbreak of his absence be too much for Cheryl to bear? Will she fall into old vices as a means of coping? Will she be forced to question the faith in Christ that has been her rock and fortress?

Eyes Pried Open picks up where The Sleepwalkers left off, and could be a hint of things to come for an America lulled to sleep in the cozy bed of modern convenience and freedom taken for granted in a world headed into the End Times.

Eyes Pried Open offers a fictional albeit realistic view into what would be the unimaginable to most Americans. The wheels were put into motion with The Sleepwalkers and in this sequel we’ve arrived at a destination that would seemingly be the stuff of conspiracy theories - but is it? Do you feel secure in your home? Do you assume that when you wake in the morning that the light in your bedroom will respond to the flick of the switch? Do you take for granted that hot shower and the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee permeating your kitchen? Do you see America as having an impenetrable wall around the land that is supposed to be of the free and the brave? Do you trust that your government wouldn’t allow that wall to be breached - let alone facilitate the breach? What if suddenly the U.S. Government was no longer by, of, or for the American people? What if one morning you woke to see soldiers patrolling the streets of your home town, and they weren’t all American? For my fellow followers of Christ I must warn you that this sequel to The Sleepwalkers is as gritty as its predecessor. The characters who trust in the world and its systems speak and act true to life, and it’s miles and generations from Walton’s Mountain or the little house on the prairie. This story not only portrays an America reeling after a catastrophic event but also a supernatural battle between agents of God and the servant workers of Satan; and is that not happening right now in reality? And at times, the aforementioned servant workers are cloaked in illusory light and tickle the ear with lies disguised as enlightenment. In this tale a faithful follower of Christ gets weak, weary, and deceived in her struggle and may succumb to past addictions like many do. Likewise, she efforts to mother an orphaned five year old girl who is advanced beyond her years and has acquired bad habits of her own. But when we struggle, stumble, and fall, there’s only one hope, and His scarred hands are the only ones mighty enough to snatch us from the jaws of death.