Jumpidy, Jump, Frog

Humor, General Fiction, Children's Books

By Julienne Holmes

Publisher : America Star Books

Jumpidy, Jump, Frog

ABOUT Julienne Holmes

Julienne Holmes
I'm anĀ emerging writer, who has not yet reached author status.



"Willy, Lilly, Silly, I am a Frog." Here's a frog story that I'm sure every parent will enjoy reading to their child and is easy enough, not to mention enjoyable for all ages. This story has a poetic theme to it, and you literary can feel how enjoyable it is to hop along with this slimy, green, lovable frog. So, as the little frog says, come one and all and jump along with him in this carefree, but, enjoyable story.

A children story, told in a poetic rhyming theme; about a frog passionate about jumping. I was going to use this story in a poetry contest, but changed my mind; thought it would make a better children's story.